For Good Reason was an interview program hosted by D.J. Grothe, promoting critical thinking and skepticism about the central beliefs of society. Interviews often focus on the paranormal, pseudoscience and the supernatural. Each episode of For Good Reason also features an audio essay by Jamy Ian Swiss, The Honest Liar. The show is produced in association with the James Randi Educational Foundation.

photo of DJ Grothe

D.J. Grothe

D.J. Grothe was President of the James Randi Educational Foundation, the international educational non-profit founded by celebrated social critic and activist James Randi. Grothe has lectured widely on topics at the intersection of education, science and belief at universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and dozens of others. Formerly a professional magician, he has special interests in the psychology of belief and processes of deception and self-deception. Prior to launching For Good Reason, Grothe hosted over 200 episodes of the popular interview program Point of Inquiry.

photo of Jamy Ian Swiss

Jamy Ian Swiss

Jamy Ian Swiss is a magician, author, and public speaker with more than twenty years of skeptical activism experience. He has appeared internationally for presenters ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the Smithsonian Institution. His U.S. television appearances include CBS 48 Hours, Comedy Central, PBS Nova and the PBS documentary The Art of Magic, and repeat appearances on The Today Show. He is the author of books including a collection of essays entitled Shattering Illusions, and The Art of Magic. He has produced and written for television, including Penn & Teller’s Sin City Spectacular, and created the Discovery Channel special, Cracking the Con Games. He is producer of New York’s longest-running Off-Broadway magic show, Monday Night Magic, now in its 12th consecutive year. Jamy is a founder of the National Capital Area Skeptics; a founder of the New York City Skeptics; has spoken and performed across the U.S. on behalf of the Center for Inquiry; has been a contributor to Skeptic magazine; and he has presented or performed annually at James Randi's "The Amaz!ng Meeting" since its inception.