May 30, 2010

Listener Reactions

  1. I have to question Massimo Pigliucci’s research on Bjorn Lomborg. Lomborg has never denied any of the science behind man-made climate change. His website even clarifies:

    “In both his first Danish book in 1998 and the English version of The Skeptical Environmentalist in 2001, Bjorn Lomborg stressed that man-made global warming exists.  The introduction to the section on climate change in The Skeptical Environmentalist clearly states, “This chapter accepts the reality of man-made global warming” (p259).” (

    Because Lomborg is an economist he is criticizing the economic choices that people make in response to global warming:

    Unrelated, but I wish to bring this up.  Coincidentally it was an interview that Skeptic/magician Penn Jillette conducted with Dr. Patrick Moore, another controversial environmentalist, that inspired me to make a movie about nuclear power.  Moore is a big defender of Lomborg.  And when Massimo Pigliucci was teaching at SUNY Stony Brook, where I live right now, Me and my journalist collaborator contacted him for a comment on the subject.  Appropriately he responded that he had his own opinions on the subject but was not his expertise.  I guess we should have clarified that we wanted him to comment on the public’s hostility towards the science experts on the subject.

    RaySquirrel 10:39pm, 07/07/2010 #1
  2. that was great. thank you!

    Mark 03:26pm, 07/30/2010 #2
  3. Erm, you deleted my comment and left a bit of the spam.  Seriously, what’s going on w/ FGR these days?  It’s an awesome podcast, especially the Honest Liar segment (which is sorely missed at the moment).  I understand that the JREF is probably a busy place, but you have to keep the podcast regularly updated or the listeners will fade away (as will the podcast).  We love you and want to hear more of you, D.J.!

    That same random FGR (and POI) listener 11:00am, 08/13/2010 #3

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