March 21, 2010

Listener Reactions

  1. I’m ashamed. Ashamed that I live in a world that for whatever reason a person feels they need to keep their life out of the open sunshine. Randi, you’ve been my hero for over 25 years. You still will be 25 years from now.

    Buffalodavid 11:44am, 03/21/2010 #1
  2. I think he’s lying.  If he is a gay man, surely Sylvia Browne would have known and disclosed it!

    DudeDad 12:15pm, 03/21/2010 #2
  3. Good for you, Mr Randi. Keep up the good work!

    J 12:20pm, 03/21/2010 #3
  4. First Dumbledore and now Randi - it must be magical people with white beards. Santa, I’m looking at you!

    Way to go, Randi! Glad you came out of the closet. Shocked, really.

    Ticktock 12:20pm, 03/21/2010 #4
  5. Between Randi and Stephen Fry, how many other examples do homophobes need that homosexuals are average people like everyone else?

    Chris Deguzman 12:26pm, 03/21/2010 #5
  6. As a straight man with a white beard, let’s not stereotype! B-) And yes, good for you Randi! I won’t say I’m surprised, OR not surprised. I’ll say it never crossed my mind one way or the other. Not really the point of the Randi message… and hopefully it still won’t be…

    rgdaniel 12:31pm, 03/21/2010 #6
  7. I Have only recently become aware of the Amazing Randi’s skeptic youtube channel. Randi has been one of a few incredible proponents that has aided and that continues to aid my ability to differentiate fact from folly. I see Randi’s coming out as a testament of a life’s full and meaningful accomplishment. We are all entitled to our thoughts and opinions. Mine so happen to be in support for all people to feel loved and to find, so as to share, love no matter what one’s orientation happens to be. Best wishes to Randi and all those who are in and out of the so called proverbial closet.

    demetri b. 12:32pm, 03/21/2010 #7
  8. Randi

    I don’t know what to say, but as a fellow gay skeptic I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you. I hope that being able to be open about this will give others the strength to make similar decisions.


    Randi and Stephen Fry are FAR from average, and merely support the hypothesis that we’re a superior group of people wink



    David Waldock 12:36pm, 03/21/2010 #8
  9. As a bisexual and transgender listener and skeptic, I can only agree that this makes Randi all the more amazing.

    Aoshia 12:42pm, 03/21/2010 #9
  10. Just sorry it still matters enough, in this day and age, to have to require an “announcement,” though this is understandable. Randi has been a role model for me, as a skeptic and a citizen of the world. He will continue to be.

    MJinMichigan 12:44pm, 03/21/2010 #10
  11. One of us! One of us! One of us! Ha! Congratulations Randi

    Natasha 01:00pm, 03/21/2010 #11
  12. wow.. i didn’t expect that.. if it’s true.. well.. he will still be my hero.

    David 01:03pm, 03/21/2010 #12
  13. Does this mean the TAM 8 t-shirts will be pink?

    The Central Scrutinizer 01:11pm, 03/21/2010 #13
  14. Congratulations, James. Thanks for your work to advance skepticism and welcome to the gay community.

    Gary 01:14pm, 03/21/2010 #14
  15. Proud of you Randi!

    Tony Miller 01:21pm, 03/21/2010 #15
  16. Congrats!!!!

    Jenn Young 01:24pm, 03/21/2010 #16
  17. Sir, that’s simply TMI.  Your personal life is none of my business and I’d have preferred to keep it that way.  What on earth good could this information do now?

    W.Mayers 01:27pm, 03/21/2010 #17
  18. Congratulations Mr Randi!

    Pepper Lim 01:29pm, 03/21/2010 #18
  19. “Between Randi and Stephen Fry, how many other examples do homophobes need that homosexuals are average people like everyone else?”

    I don’t think I would call either man “average.” James Randi and Stephen Fry are extraordinary people who have worked for years to both enlighten and entertain. But your point is correct…they are proof that sexual orientation is no more a measure of anyone’s worth than race or gender or any of the other myriad categories we pigeonhole people into for the purposes of judging them.

    The fact that someone as amazing (pardon the pun) as James Randi is gay should come as no surprise.

    Jeremy Henderson 01:29pm, 03/21/2010 #19
  20. Meh! So you’re gay. As if that changes anything. You’re still cool in my book.

    mike 01:29pm, 03/21/2010 #20
  21. I applaud Mr. Randi’s honesty and courage but it breaks my heart that this is necessary.  There is nothing wrong or even particularly unique about homosexuality.  It’s just one of a huge number of factors that make up each individual.


    Kathleen 01:32pm, 03/21/2010 #21
  22. Thank you for this episode, DJ!  Thank you James Randi for being so honest about who you are.  There are woo claims out there about homosexuality and we need to squash them.

    Joshua Hunt 01:44pm, 03/21/2010 #22
  23. Kudos to you, Mr.Randi. I am one of those odd pastors who is an advocate of skepticism (all avenues of skepticism!). Thus I appreciate Mr. Randi’s long time dedication to his work. This declaration adds nothing to, nor does it detract from, your work.But it raises my admiration for you personally. Blessings, from wherever blessings may come!

    David Weber 01:44pm, 03/21/2010 #23
  24. Your books were the first step towards my leaving fundamentalism, and thank you for them!  How sad we live in a world where you need to hide your love.  Best wishes and thaks for taking the stand now!

    Doug Traversa 01:53pm, 03/21/2010 #24
  25. It would be nice if we could say “who cares?”  A person’s sexual orientation (along with their sexual practices) should not be of concern to anyone unless they involve non-consensual acts or those that are otherwise harmful (e.g., pedophilia). The only reason I would care about Randi’s sexual preference is if I or someone close to me hoped to have some sexual relationship with the person.  Don’t think that is a relevant issue to me or most people I know, so am very happy to leave Randi to his own private life.  I admire the man greatly for all of his accomplishments and appreciate his candor on this issue.  Let’s all get back though the real business now. 

    Dan 02:11pm, 03/21/2010 #25
  26. OH MY ... ZEUS! I’m literally gobsmacked. I’m gay and have been a skeptic for about 10 years, since my late teens. Throughout this time James Randi has always been a personal hero for me. This is a very proud day. Mr. Randi, your courage and ceaseless, uncompromising intellectual honesty are a great inspiration.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Mr. Randi.

    Blake 02:17pm, 03/21/2010 #26
  27. When I first came out (nearly 40 years ago), it was like a huge weight off my shoulders. There was such relief in the realization that I no longer had to worry if someone found out because they already knew. I am so glad that, today, people of every age, from teenagers to an 81-year-old free thinker, can take that step without fear, in a smooth and natural progression, by just being themselves and being open and honest about their reality. It’s yet another great lesson you leave along the path as you continue your journey. Thank you, Randi.

    Deacon Maccubbin 02:30pm, 03/21/2010 #27
  28. Im skeptical that youre a fag. Go get AIDS now you cut-throat NWO puppet. ha!

    Jim 02:45pm, 03/21/2010 #28
  29. Hmm… Neither Randi nor DJ go by their first names. Is the JREF an organization for people who don’t go by their first name??

    Seriously, Randi, I’m sorry that you’ve had to live a good chunk of your life during a period when being gay was an issue. For so much of the 20th Century people have suffered emotionally and physically for their sexuality - something which should have been irrelevant.

    But I’m also glad that you’ve seen a good deal positive change in your life. Here’s to continued progress, and I raise a glass in thanks to everyone who’s made an effort to push us forwards as a society.

    Matt 03:10pm, 03/21/2010 #29
  30. Mr. Randi, although I’m a bit surprised I love you just as you are.  Darn, I was hoping you would need a girlfriend…it takes guts to come out even now.  All my best to you!

    MLynn 03:32pm, 03/21/2010 #30
  31. You are awesome Mr. Randi!

    Torje 03:35pm, 03/21/2010 #31
  32. This is important because it is unimportant.

    And no… I’m not being facetious or silly.

    By the way, I think Randi is cute.


    Mulebear 03:39pm, 03/21/2010 #32
  33. I admire your courage, James Randi. To those who question why he is sharing this part of his life with us I say it is because there are still some out there who would deny the rights of gay people. By coming out we affirm the fact that America belongs to gay people as much as it belongs to anyone else.

    Those who hate realize that they are going to lose the culture war. I am encouraged by James Randi and by Constance, the high school student standing up for her right to attend the prom with her girlfriend.

    In less than a week Constance has enlisted the support of over 300,000 people on facebook. There is going to be a prom where everybody is welcome and the school board is powerless to stop it.

    Nst step—same sex marriage in all 50 states.

    Ron 03:45pm, 03/21/2010 #33
  34. Congratulations, Randi! Now you can finally put those magic tricks to good use - picking up cute guys in bars. *grin*

    Chris 03:51pm, 03/21/2010 #34
  35. It is truly encouraging to see Randi coming out.  We are reaching, I think, a point where anyone can come out and not be ostracized.  Let’s make sure that other people who decide to come out have as strong a social support network as Randi does!


    Bing 03:53pm, 03/21/2010 #35
  36. Good for you, Randi!

    Charles 04:01pm, 03/21/2010 #36
  37. This was a bit of a shocker I have to admit but why an entire episode on this? I don’t really care if Randi is gay or not. I think that is something that could’ve be an aside in a bigger conversation.

    Randi is measured by the great work he does and not by his sexual orientation.

    Jason 04:06pm, 03/21/2010 #37
  38. Welcome Randi!  No judgements, just welcomes grin

    Tom Lang 04:22pm, 03/21/2010 #38
  39. Was not shocked like some say. We are all part of the wonderful life on the planet. Still amazing Still awesome. Glad your healthy and at your best. Love you.

    Craig Sachs 04:29pm, 03/21/2010 #39
  40. @Jason, they talk about why an entire episode on this, and the impact of being open on his skepticism work and at the end of the interview about the pseudoscience of anti-gay positions.

    Tom2 04:30pm, 03/21/2010 #40
  41. @Tom2, The discussion about the pseudoscience of anti-gay positions was about 2 minutes long. I felt that the conversation should have been more focused on that is all.

    Jason 04:40pm, 03/21/2010 #41
  42. I’m so sad that he’s been closeted for so long (though I admit I haven’t listened to the interview yet, so I don’t know if he was out to his friends and family or if he was only in the closet professionally).  I hope this doesn’t change the way people view him, because I know it doesn’t change anything for me.  I never thought about whether or not Randi was gay, straight, or anything else.  I just thought about what a great advocate he was (and is) for reason and how much I admired him.

    I still admire you, Randi.  I admire you even more for coming out.  Best wishes.

    Amanda 05:22pm, 03/21/2010 #42
  43. I had no idea he was in the closet. I thought he was out for pretty much the entire time I’ve known of his existence.

    Ducky Case 05:37pm, 03/21/2010 #43
  44. I’m glad I can leave a Comment here w/o registering.  I can’t do that at what seems to be Randi’s site.

    I grew up as a kid in the 1960s.  I saw Randi on TV many times.

    It’s surprising to wind up in adulthood and find out how many people I saw on TV in the 1960s turned out to be gay.

    I don’t see how Randi’s announcement can affect him negatively except among a small section of the populace who have nothing of merit to contribute anyway.

    For myself, congratulations on your announcement, Randi.  Your private life is otherwise yours.  Enjoy it.  And may you have many years more to contribute to us all.

    Mike Cane 06:13pm, 03/21/2010 #44
  45. Yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn…

    Marshall Barnes 06:56pm, 03/21/2010 #45
  46. Many have come before you, and many will follow. But as you say, this will ultimately be a non-issue even less so than it is now.
    What remains is the mark you made, and continue to make, on the world.

    Thank you for helping us see that what’s *real* is so much more fascinating than anything pseudoscience or religion can hope to deliver.

    Thank you for being another candle in the dark.

    PM 06:57pm, 03/21/2010 #46
  47. Thanks for pushing back yet another frontier created, maintained, and made dangerous by legions of broken minds.

    Society may never cure itself of its prejudices and delusions, but it pleases me enormously to see any part of it trying.

    Kudos for coming out; may you and yours remain safe, and may your life be fulfilling. Thank you for your work as a skeptic. You have always been a hero of mine, and so you shall remain, a wholly welcome light in a very dark milieu.

    —a straight guy

    Ben 06:57pm, 03/21/2010 #47
  48. Gay - Bi - Trans - Straight - Who Cares.

    You are a hero.

    Tom R Chamberlain 06:59pm, 03/21/2010 #48
  49. As a big fan of James Randi, I must say that this *announcement* is a bit of a non-sequitur.  Is he left-handed as well?  In any event, if it makes someone feel good that Mr. Randi is part of their *team* so be it but he will always be a leader on my *team*—the Skeptics. 

    Brandon 07:55pm, 03/21/2010 #49
  50. I’m glad you decided to do this, Randi.  I wish the world was fair and that Americans in particular would treat everyone equally.  Such steps as you’ve taken raise consciousness, and help make others feel safer being themselves.

    And with a snap and a wave of your hand, another mystery disappears.

    DoctorAtlantis 07:58pm, 03/21/2010 #50
  51. Perhaps now Chip Coffey will be more open to having his so called psychic abilities tested. 

    Chris Moon 08:18pm, 03/21/2010 #51
  52. Randi,

    Thanks much for making this information public. As a fellow gay man and skeptic, sexuality isn’t an issue to me (no more than handedness, etc.), but, unfortunately, it is to many. Thanks for beating back widespread ignorance by exemplifying with integrity skepticism/rationality, atheism, and homosexuality in one package.


    Scott 08:31pm, 03/21/2010 #52
  53. Huh.  I thought everyone knew Randi was gay.  I figured it never came up because, like me, nobody gives a rat’s ass.  Apparently I was only right about the second part.

    I think to celebrate Randi’s coming out, we should all make an extra donation to JREF!  That’d show ‘um!  smile

    bob k. 09:02pm, 03/21/2010 #53
  54. Thank you.

    Trinity Dejavu 09:12pm, 03/21/2010 #54
  55. Your courage is “Amazing.”  Congratulations, Randi.  We love you.

    Tony G 09:21pm, 03/21/2010 #55
  56. Thank you Randi.  You are an inspiration.

    Joel 10:33pm, 03/21/2010 #56
  57. How could a man who can’t believe in himself believe in anything else? It explains a lot. Is the tide turning? The Skeptic finds truth… So sad to live in fear for 81 years… Congratulations for finding the road home Randi.

    Tracy 10:45pm, 03/21/2010 #57
  58. When I heard that there was big news concerning James Randi my immediate thought was that I hope he’s still alive.  He is, and that’s what’s important!  I can’t say that I’m surprised at all about what is news, but being honest wins points all around.  Thank you Mr. Randi, and I continue to hope the best for you.

    Nathan Phillips 10:45pm, 03/21/2010 #58
  59. James Randi is a hero of mine, this news just made me love him even more.

    Congratulations Sir, you have always been and always will be an amazing human being!

    Cait 11:35pm, 03/21/2010 #59
  60. Huh. Interesting… This news doesn’t change my opinion of Randi one way or the other: he’s still awesome! But it’s unfortunate that he felt he had to wait all this time to be open about it.

    Rand All 11:43pm, 03/21/2010 #60
  61. Apparantly Jim (comment # 28) doesn’t believe in apostrophies.

    C J 12:28am, 03/22/2010 #61
  62. A person’s moral honesty and solidarity with struggling comrades means more to me than the specific nature of his cosmological belief system, or lack thereof. In my opinion, Randi’s life of closeted hypocrisy casts a very poor light on the supposed moral value of his much-vaunted rational skepticism.

    There are gay bishops in many Christian churches and have been for many years. Why was standing up as a gay atheist so difficult for this man? The answer may be found in his own lack moral fibre, for it surely is not the result of hostility from the extremely liberal and gay-friendly celebrity culture in which he travels.

    Julie Ann 12:59am, 03/22/2010 #62
  63. I was 23 in 1980 when I went to to see you give a talk at Monash University (Mebourne Australia) in 1980. You had already been part of my life before then and you have been ever since! You were, are and will be one of my life heroes.

    Joseph ZAPPULLA 01:34am, 03/22/2010 #63
  64. Congratulations to Randi for his courage. Whether he’s gay or straight shouldn’t matter to his supporters and everyone else but coming out publicly may give him comfort.

    Tom Easley 02:56am, 03/22/2010 #64
  65. James Randi is the original DUMBLEDORE!!!  JK Rowling must have known…

    Kelli Mullin 02:58am, 03/22/2010 #65
  66. @Julie Anne (Comment#62)

    As I understand it Randi never really was in the closet in a stricter sense. I don’t see how it’s hypocrisy to not tell anyone unless you’re asked whether you are gay or straight. If it was hypocrisy, I’d be just as “guilty” of it as I never tell people I’m straight unless they ask me, even though some people seem to think I’m not. If and when they ask me, I’ll be open about my “straightness”, but I don’t think it’s a big enough “issue” to make a public announcement.

    Randi, you’re an amazing person!

    Vicky 03:02am, 03/22/2010 #66
  67. Good on yah, Randy.  What a man !

    Dale Mills 03:58am, 03/22/2010 #67
  68. I don’t agree with everything that James is skeptical about. I do respect and defend his rights as an individual. His sexual orientation is no-one’s business except his own. Let’s hope James is left well enough alone now to continue his good work.

    Pascoe Vale, Victoria, Australia.

    Colin 06:38am, 03/22/2010 #68
  69. I am a “WOO WOO” as you love to call us…with that said. I am 1. glad you decided to “come out”
    2. if it makes your life and heart lighter…then you did what is good for you.
    3. even though Randy i am a HUGE believer in what i do for people and guide them to fullfillment in life and within themselves i do applaude you for your effort on this subject.

    Michelle “WOO WOO” :D

    michelle 07:30am, 03/22/2010 #69
  70. I must say that I’d not expected much trouble following my “coming out,” but the 100+ responses that came to me within 24 hours, gave me a great - and pleasant - surprise.  With only two negative comments, I’m satisfied that the public’s attitude has substantially improved since I was young…  I’m confused by “Julie Ann"s entry (#62), but I see that Vicky (#66)saw the flaws in that tirade. This process wasn’t at all “difficult” for me, and didn’t involve any “hypocrisy.” Very few had ever asked me, and I was always direct in answering. It wouldn’t have been proper to not make the statement - that would have been dishonesty by omission. Thank you, all. I’m very flattered by your understanding… 

    James Randi 08:03am, 03/22/2010 #70
  71. congratulations to the truly amazing john randi. and yes, it’s as normal as peanut butter sandwich and shouldn’t be worth talking about in an ideal world, but anyway: thank you for coming out in public.


    dot tilde dot 08:09am, 03/22/2010 #71
  72. Hmm, I’m skeptical.

    Where is the proof?

    Dante 09:49am, 03/22/2010 #72
  73. About a week ago, a friend of mine also told me that she was gay.

    Honestly, I wasn’t that surprised about this “news” nor, frankly, did I care. Nothing had changed. She was still who she was, nor had I been transmuted into some damaged entity by her disclosure. What I did appreciate though, was that my faith in her honesty and integrity were well rooted in reality.

    A day or so later, I realised that I’d underestimated the significance of other people’s prejudices and nonsense on her life, and that her coming out to me was a sign of changing times and a reflection on how not everyone around us lives in the same reality-based universe. I was flattered that she was able to talk to me about it without the need to explain or excuse and that our day carried on without pause.

    Randi, I hate to use the word hero, but to many of us that’s as close to a word as many can find. Role-model, thought-leader, good example, and all-around debunker-of-nonsense come to mind too.

    So, now you’ve made a public statement that you’re gay. OK, like that’s going to suddenly invalidate your work? Oh wait, it says in the bible… OK, excepting what we read in fairy tales, nothing’s changed other than you’ve simply underlined the words integrity and honesty in your resume.

    Thanks for being who YOU are. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

    ps 09:54am, 03/22/2010 #73
  74. I’ve listened to James Randi and several skeptical podcasts (in particular the Skeptics Guide to the Universe) for a couple of years and now I’m delighted to find that I have one more thing in common with him. Way to go!

    Ric Helton 10:11am, 03/22/2010 #74
  75. Just add me to the long list of people for whom James Randi is one of their favorite public personalities and this announcement won’t change that for the vast majority of us.

    Also add me to the long list of people wishing you well with this candid discussion of your personal life.

    davefoc 10:44am, 03/22/2010 #75
  76. Better late than never. But I am very skjeptical about the honesty of this long silence, when religoius bigots were so long pre-empting the ethical questions about this little matter of homosexuality.


    guy stanwaye 11:02am, 03/22/2010 #76
  77. Great interview as usual, DJ. I especially liked the way you drew attention to the link between skepticism and homosexuality. I just hope that the “faith healers” and other religious zealots do not resort to using ad hominem attacks against Randi. I would not put it past them.

    NORM ALLEN 12:07pm, 03/22/2010 #77
  78. just wanted to say good on you, it is sad that we live in a world where so many people judge others as ‘wrong’ because their views, way of life, hell even the way they dress are different to their norm.
    I come from such a place of narrow mindedness, yes there are those that are different ; ie: skin color other than white, hippies, gays, get the drift. Those people have to live with constant prejudice, snickers and bad mouthing their whole lives and it makes me sick!
    I moved away from there for exactly those reasons and generally feel ashamed of where I come from, I know this is a cliche thing to say but screw them who are they to tell us whats right or wrong, scorn our lives because they know no better. We are all just people living in a world where it shouldn’t matter about color or sexual orientation, so long as we harm no others we have the right to be free!

    I don’t even know you Randi but well done mate! and all the best for your future, you deserve it smile


    ben 12:27pm, 03/22/2010 #78
  79. Buffalodavid’s comment brought a genuine tear to my eye. James Randi is my hero too!

    I also roared out loud with laughter at the second comment by Dudedad! :D

    Well done sir, you are doubly my hero now!

    S Allen 01:45pm, 03/22/2010 #79
  80. A new definition of the word “poof”, perhaps…?  (I kid, I kid!)

    I have to admit I was mostly concerned that Mr. Randi’s announcement (the Skeptics’ Circle let me know) was that he was retiring, or ill again.  I am ecstatic to find him alive, well, and relieved!  I’m also glad that the time has come where the enemies of James Randi have nothing to gain from this knowledge: any that would try an ad homonym attack won’t be influencing anyone that matters.

    Best wishes, and here’s to another 81 years, yes?  8)

    Thursday 01:56pm, 03/22/2010 #80
  81. This makes me very happy, but I do wish Randi had felt he could come out much sooner. I don’t have a lot of heroes, but here is one.

    Darryl 02:11pm, 03/22/2010 #81
  82. smile

    Robert 03:40pm, 03/22/2010 #82
  83. May you find peace and joy as you begin anew!

    Wendy 05:28pm, 03/22/2010 #83
  84. Now Randi will not only go down in history as an Intellectual and Skeptic movement icon but as a Gay icon as well. This late in his life he could have simply taken his secret to the grave and no one would blame him. By coming out at such an advanced age it took tremendous courage and I’m sure that it is an incredible burden lifted off his shoulders. It’s a shame our puritanical society forced him to stay in the closet for so long but now he is free at last - well done my friend!

    John Smith 05:48pm, 03/22/2010 #84
  85. There.  That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

    I hope there will come a day when this will be a non-issue. (Just think: there was a time when people sat around dinner tables discussing whether women should get the vote, whether blacks should use the same entrance as whites.) *Sigh*

    Keep up the great work, Mr. Randi!

    Christine from Canada 05:49pm, 03/22/2010 #85
  86. Man!  I such bad gaydar!

    Seriously, I would never have guessed.  Of course, now all your skepticism has a gay taint on it—;) j/k man.

    Congratulations on getting that off your shoulders.

    Paul Hsieh 06:39pm, 03/22/2010 #86
  87. Mr Randi-

    In the off chance you read this, I would like to congratulate you on your bravery on coming out and your public advancement of skepticism!  In that order.

    JT 07:15pm, 03/22/2010 #87
  88. I was told you were homosexual back in the mid seventies by my genetic father.

    Repent Randi before you die. And I don’t wish damnation upon you either.

    highflyertoo 07:54pm, 03/22/2010 #88
  89. I remember how liberating it was when I came out to have this secret off your shoulders and out in the open.

    Relish your new freedom Mr. Randi and thanks for your inspiration.

    David James 08:36pm, 03/22/2010 #89
  90. I have a lot of gay friends, and have some feeling for the reasons of staying in / coming out. All the best to you, James, and thank you for all of your fearless work!

    Brad North 08:44pm, 03/22/2010 #90
  91. Always my hero. Love you no matter what.

    Gary Lyons 11:01pm, 03/22/2010 #91
  92. To users asking why this announcement was necessary:  we still live in uncertain times for many gay individuals worldwide.  If people like Randi proudly declare their orientation, youths that feel “in the dark” could feel more encouraged and start fighting back against the prejudices of society through the power of pride.

    Matt 12:55am, 03/23/2010 #92
  93. Ideally, yes, it shouldn’t be necessary…but in many states and, indeed, many countries, the situation isn’t exactly ideal for gay citizens.

    Matt 12:56am, 03/23/2010 #93
  94. Mr. Randi, saw you at the Jyväskylä University in the 1980’s when you made wonderfull lecture and deep and longlasting impact on my whole thinking. Keep up you work, because some people will always feel that now you have made something terrible, but I think they have not previously thought too much of you anyway.
    You have made important work, that is a fact!
    Congratulations of your succefull work through the decades for crusader of science and rational thinking.
    Yours Petri

    Petr Pietiläinen 05:40am, 03/23/2010 #94
  95. Congratulations, oh, Amazing One!! As I posted somewhere else, it is a proud day indeed. Keep up the good work, for we will keep supporting you and singing your praises for ever and aver.

    Horacio Cazarin Ruiz 09:36am, 03/23/2010 #95
  96. To # 5, I take your point, but I’m not really sure people as accomplished (and famous) as Randi or Stephen Fry are “average people like everyone else.”

    MS 11:20am, 03/23/2010 #96
  97. Randi, I just do not care if you are gay or straight.  Not even a little bit.  To me, it is a non-issue.  You are one of the best of the best, regardless.

    Eljay 02:21pm, 03/23/2010 #97
  98. Good for you, Randi!  You have always been a man of courage and intellectual honesty.  This reinforces that.  We’re with you.  Interesting that in years to come people will look at this as “no big deal.”  Your work to help all of us think more clearly, rationally and logically will help that ideal become reality.  Keep up the good work, Randi. 

    Terry Brock 02:47pm, 03/23/2010 #98
  99. Nobody cares if Randi is gay. The question that really interests readers is: “How did Randi’s experience as a escape artist serve him in the bedroom?”
    Joking aside, congratulations on coming out, Randi, and I am very interested to hear that the JREF may expand its skepticism to the pseudoscience used to support homophobia, particularly the dangerous “ex-gay” / “conversion” programs.

    llewelly 06:07pm, 03/23/2010 #99
  100. Good for you Randi! Haven’t listened to the episode yet, but it’s always good for gay rights, and acceptance of gays when respected public figures come out - no matter at what age smile.

    My sister’s gay, and she’s also a person I greatly admire - Randi remains one of my heroes. We all likely know and love good people that are gay, even if we don’t know they are.

    Jarno 02:59am, 03/24/2010 #100

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