May 02, 2010

Listener Reactions

  1. Free speech ruins comedy. It’s too easy to say what’s on your mind, and comedy degenerates into vulgarity and shock humor, which wears off quickly.
    Censorship, on the other hand, teaches understatement, irony, multilayered humor, all that good stuff wink

    Max 08:24am, 05/17/2010 #1
  2. I think a lot of these social critic comedians aren’t intelligent or critical thinkers, as much as they are cynics who need something to ridicule. They can even be useful idiots and spout propaganda, like Bill Maher with anti-vaccine propaganda, Penn Jillette with Cato/tobacco/oil industry propaganda, Michael Moore with Cuban Communist propaganda, and Joe Rogan with moon landing conspiracy theories. It’s especially funny when multi-millionaires with their own radio and TV shows think they’re the little guy fighting the “system” that made them rich and gave them a podium.

    Max 12:37am, 05/18/2010 #2
  3. Re: “The Honest Liar” segment:  Fax spam is, in and of itself, illegal in the absence of an existing business relationship.  Anything sold via fax spam or pre-recorded telemarketing call is highly likely to be a scam, since the promoters have already decided to violate the law with their marketing methods.

    Jim Lippard 09:48am, 05/22/2010 #3
  4. I’ve been listening to DJ’s podcasts for several years.  Really enjoy this podcast.  The Honest Liar segment is very entertaining.

    Scott 12:26pm, 05/25/2010 #4
  5. Got a flyer (advance pun) a couple of days ago from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry about a “Skeptics Toolbox” event.
    In the flyer was a reprinting of the wonderful old poem “The Spider and the Fly.”
    (Google if not familiar with it - it’s excellent.)

    This reminded me very much of the current “Honest Liar” segment. As the poem was written in 1829, apparently attempts to educate against vanity scams are nothing new, either!


    Brad 12:38pm, 05/31/2010 #5
  6. I’m so glad to have heard about this podcast from listening to the “Actually Speaking” podcast.  Ever since Grothe disappeared from “Point Of Inquiry”, I’ve wondered whether or not I would ever hear his interviews again. This is great! Keep up the good work!

    Raj 03:58pm, 06/06/2010 #6
  7. Have there been any new interviews since this one that should be uploaded?  This interview is old.

    Kevin Stockard 05:57pm, 06/09/2010 #7
  8. When is a new episode coming out? Weren’t they supposed to be weekly? I miss D.J. and Jamy Ian Swiss!

    Priss 05:56pm, 06/19/2010 #8
  9. @ Max - Joe Rogan & Michael Moore are definitely not satirists. 

    @ DJ - Please make another episode.

    Rob 07:17pm, 06/21/2010 #9

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